2020 Primary Fast Approaches

Due to COVID19, the Nevada Secretary of State announced the 2020 Nevada Election Primary will be conducted by mail-in ballot. All registered voters will get a ballot automatically as early as April 30. As such, it  is imperative that all pro-life voters educate themselves NOW on the candidates. Keep in mind, you will be the source of information for your family and friends.

Lawsuits have been filed against mail-in ballots, so please keep up to date by returning here often.

Now, more than ever, we need elected officials that value life at all ages and stages.

Endorsement Process

Nevada Right to Life lobbies on a local, state, and federal level. In support of this goal, we provide endorsements and candidate information to enable pro-life voters to vote for the best advocates who can then pass laws and enact policy that protects life from conception to natural death.

Candidates receive endorsements based on the following criteria:

  1. Past votes on life.
  2. Satisfactory completion of a candidate survey on life issues and policy.
  3. Past volunteerism or direct action on behalf of life.
  4. Viability.

Non-life issues are not considered in the endorsement process. We are a single issue group. Life is the first issue. If a candidate does not value life, it is doubtful they will value much else.

Who represents me? 

2020 First Round Endorsements for Nevada’s Primary

First round endorsements announced at the Friends for Life Dinner, March 14, 2020

CD2: Marc Amodei

CD3: Dan “Big Dan” Rodimer

CD4: Jim Marchant

AD19: Chris Edwards

AD26: Assm. Lisa Krasner

AD27: Candidate Barb Hawn

AD31: Former  Assm. Jill Dickman

AD 32: Assm. Alexis Hansen

AD33: Assm. John Ellison

AD 36: Assm. Gregory Hafen II

AD 37: Candidate Andy Matthews

AD 39: Assm. Jim Wheeler

SD14: Senator Ira Hansen

SD19: Senator Pete Goicoechea