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Abortions in Nevada

Abortions are legal in the state of Nevada with very few restrictions.

  • Abortions must be performed by a licensed physician
  • After 24 weeks of pregnancy, the abortion must be done in a licensed hospital
  • Doctor must obtain informed consent (this was greatly weakened in the last legislative session). [NRS442.253]
  • Nevada has a Parental Notification with Judicial Bypass law that was enjoined by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and has never been enforced. [NRS442.255]
  • Abortion reporting is required. [NRS442.260]
  • Nevada has protection for born alive abortion survivors that holds doctors civilly and criminally liable for wrongful death and medical malpractice if all reasonable steps have not been taken to preserve the life and health of the infant. [NRS442.270]
  • It is unlawful to require participation in an abortion. Employee must file a written statement indicating moral, ethical, or religious basis for refusal to participate in the abortion. [NRS632.475]
  • Medical facility not required to allow abortions. [NRS449.191]
  • Commercial use of aborted embryo or fetus prohibited [NRS451.015]

Nevada Administrative Codes 442.100–442.200 deal with abortion.

The regulation of abortions in Nevada is found in Nevada Revised Statutes. Pertinent sections include
NRS 442.240–270.

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