Change hearts and minds at 65 mph!

We are making a big change this year! For close to 30 years, the Choose Life Coalition has sponsored a full-page signature ad in the Reno Gazette-Journal on the tragic anniversary of the Supreme Court decision, Roe v. Wade, legalizing abortion for all nine months for any reason.  RGJ readership has declined dramatically while ad rates continue to rise. Additionally, most people get their news online.

This year we have decided to sponsor a pro-life billboard campaign in the highest traffic flow area in Northern Nevada, “The Spaghetti Bowl.”

With your help, the pro-life message will be on display changing heart’s and minds for over a month. One of our favorite aspects of the signature ad was, in fact, the signatures. We are retaining this and putting all donors (who wish) on a ticker on our website. Ads will begin January 22, 2018 and will feature high-impact, beautiful, factual and heart changing pro-life messages. Visit our website to view and register your vote on your favorite ads starting January 1.

You can add your name for a donation of at least $25. (This helps us pay for the very costly campaign).  Demonstrate your support for the culture of life. Click here to become a life sponsor!

This effort would not be possible without our generous digital campaign donors (both those listed below and those who gave anonymously). Donations are allowing us to reach the hearts and minds of people as they travel through Reno. Thank you all for your overwhelming support for this major change. Below is a partial list. We will update as additional donations are received.

Maureen T. Allen

Clint & Sasha Altman

Mick Arata

Mickey & Kathie Ballew

Nolan A.  Barnum

Kenneth L. & Carolyn A. Bauer

Russ Beekman

M Beganyi

Joanna N.  Booth

Nancy Ann Brodie

Brothers of the Holy Rosary

Doug & Nicole Browne Family

Denise & Doug Burbank

Ronald A. Burke

Fran A.  Butler

Nellie Butler

Patty Cafferata

Most Reverend Randolph R. Calvo, Bishop of Reno

Ted Caine

Dr. T. Brian Callister & Rose Lorea

Roger & Norma Canary

Wanda Casazza

Mick & Claudia Casey

Michael & Joannie Cassity

Chaparral Animal Spa, Inc.

Russ & Lynn Chapman

Barbara Chism

William & Valerie Christoph

Chuck & Melissa Clement & Family

Cliff & Candace Conradt

Christine Cook

Couple to Couple League Nat’l Family Planning

Dr. & Mrs. David & Peggy Coy

Coyne Family & Alpine Roofing Co. Inc.

Tom & Heather Cushman

Judy Dalluge

Ed & Karol Davis

Larry & Carol Demangate, Sierra Coin Co, I Cor: 2:9, Luke 15:7

Richard DeVilliers

James & Rachelle Devin

Tom & Jill Dickman

Rosemarie Donovan

Earl Family

Miles D. Eklund

Assemblyman John & Cindy Ellison

Jim & Linda Falk

Mary Fechner

Fertility Care Center of Reno

Charlie & Aggie Fettig

Patricia Fike

Ellen Fincher

Wes & Teri Fletcher

Nancy Foss

Mark & Connie Foxwell

Craig Francis

Terry & Judy Gannoe

Cliff & Bertha Gardner

Beverly Gates

General Fence & Supply

Father Phillip George, Pastor of Immaculate Conception Catholic Parish

Dr. Gerard & Patricia Glenn

Jack & Sonja Glenn

Richard Goebel

Dennis & Connie Gomez, Kalispell, MT

Al & LeThu Gurries

Ray & Patty Gurries

Senator Don & Cathy Gustavson

Tom & Cynthia Hall

The Haltky Family

Bill Hamma

In Memory of Dan Hansen

Janine Hansen

Ira & Alexis Hansen & Family

Joel Hansen, Attorney at Law

Bruce & Diane Harper

Monica Hartman

Mary Pat & Jim Hawkins

Mike Hawkins

Barb Hawn

Thomas Hellmann

Jacquie Hettinger

Ron & Rita Hill

Mark & Diane Hogan

Brooks & Jill Holcomb

Holy Family Enterprises

Marilyn Horton

Jennifer & Robert G. Howard Family

Roger & Barbara Hyytinen

Independent American Party

L Neil & Kay Dawn Jenkins

Mike & Erin Jenkins

Julianna Jervis

Gerald & Katherine Jilk

Jim & Cris Johnson

Dale & Kim Jung

Joe & Yolanda  Kaplan

Craig & Katherine Kennington

Willie & Sammy Kernan

Mitchell & Elizabeth Kidd

Fr. Norm King

Knights of Columbus # 978

KOC, Fallon Council #4828

Ken Koeppe

Mr. & Mrs. B. L. Kriegh

Rick Kuhlmey

Lisa & Colby Laughlin

Jeff & Cindy Lawrence & Kids

Elizabeth Lawrence-Tennant

Pete & Kathi Leavitt

Lincoln Heating & Air

Gwen Linde

Ken & Suzan Loda

Mary Love

Frank Mabry & Family

Dan & Loni Magee

Nicholas Maier

Frank & Jane Marfisi

Mary Elizabeth Boyer Martiinez

Dr. Thomas & Theresa McCrorey

McDonald Family

J S  McElhinney III

Stephen McFarlane Family

Robert McWilliams

Fred & Victoria Meyer

Robert D. & Mary F. Michna

Angela Miles

Nannette Moffett

Jeanne Molloy

Vicki Montague

Jody & Tom Morris

Karen Mowry

Michelle Mowry

Cliff Nellis

Don Nelson

Nevada Concerned Citizens

Nevada Families for Freedom

Nevada LIFE

Nevada Right to Life

Nevada Students for Life

Nevadans for Life

Jeff & Diane Nohr

Kathrine M.  Nye

The O’Mara Family

Susan Opyrchall

Doug & Carolyn Owen

Katie Pace

Sharon Pratt

Pro-Life League of Nevada

Michael & Christina Ramseth

Lyn Randall

Regina Pacis Cantorum

Stella Reigle

Kathy Reinheimer

Respect Life Commission, Catholic Diocese of Reno

John & Amy Rosenlund

Marie Rossi

Vince & Kathleen Rossi & Family

Vince Rossi, Jr.

John & Paula Routhier

Saint Columba Othodox Church, Fernley

Linda Sanders

Herbert Santos, Sr.

Save the Holy Innocents Committee

Beth Schopper

Betty J.  Schumacher & Family

David & Elizabeth Schumann

Brett & Amy  Scolari

Christine Sexton

Bruce & Christine Sexton & Daughters

Judy & Dave Sheppard

Jim & Katie Shoen

Joan T.  Shonnard

Paul & Linda Sitze

Deone Smith

Fred & Janna Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Sobrio

Bob & Nancy Soule

Spirit Filled Church

St. Teresa Of Avila Catholic Community Catholic Church

St. Thomas Aquinas Cathedral

Adele Stoddard

Karen Stoddard

Pat & Jean Stoll

Mark & Gail Struble

Bill & Mary Swirsky

Dr. William Tarbell

Gerald Tellers

Threshingfloor Ministries International

Dan Thurston

Rosie Tillis

Diane & Jon Todd

M James & Susan Troy Toner

Eva Trimble

Marcelino & Linda Ugalde

John & Sidney Wagner

Sam & Shiela Ward

Barbara A.  West

Jill & Tom White

Roger & Mary Wiles

David Willems

Nikki Young

Charlene Young

Dr. Anthony & Karen Zamboni

Sally Zamora

Richard Ziser, Chairman Nevada Concerned Citizens

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